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I would like to say 'Thank you' to you and your team in making the stay of over 80 people during the Queen's Birthday weekend in Houghtons Bush camp in Muriwai such a breeze to organise. I received several compliments and no complains about your facilities:it has been very good working with you and your team!
Kind regards,

Annemarie Hogenbirk
Secretary North West Orienteering Club
Houghtons Bush, June 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed the campsite. It never disappoints.  The caretakers were friendly clear about how and what they expected of us! And we like that. They were very respectful of our space.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us and we will definitely be in contact if/when we need a campsite in the future. thank you so much,  

Faithful Unity Christian Fellowship
Houghtons Bush, December 2018

Firstly, Thank you so much. It was the break that everyone needed. It was like a breath of fresh air for the spirit. It brought the closeness back again. No complaints. Would love to book again on upcoming events. Families were also asking about hireage for Reunion purposes. Thank you so much once again. 

Ian Tivoli 
Houghtons, October 2018

First of all, a big thank you to our hosts for their friendly and supportive assistance during our stay at Houghtons Bush Camp! We had a wonderful time on the camp ground which provided us with excellent facilities. We found the camp agreeable in every way for all activities and situations. The clean and accessible facilities and accommodation that the camp provided us with were satisfying, especially the spacious kitchen which was very convenient. Not only does the camp provide great facilities but it also has a tranquil and serene atmosphere. Thanks to the lovely weather, we were able to enjoy this atmosphere a little more by making use of the short bush walks and playgrounds that were on the camp ground. We were also thankful for the abundance of trees and nature that surrounds the camp. This offered a more private camp setting which our group hugely appreciated. The nature that surrounds the whole camp ground has got to be one of the best aspects of the camp and we enjoyed this greatly. Every member of our group enjoyed and appreciated their stay at the camp. We really hope to return for future events. Thank you once again for providing us with a great and beautiful accommodation!

Hanouri Presbyterian Church

We wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate our annual camps at Houghtons Bush in Muriwai.  This year the weather was perfect – OK, you don’t control that but it sure helps.  The camp was comfortable and clean, and has been kept in good repair.  You can’t really judge a camp accurately until you have stayed there, so you might not fully realise the effort that the friendly resident caretaker puts in to ensure your users (that’s us) have a safe and enjoyable time. 
Small bunkrooms mean our group can split up with their friends more easily, and I thought the smaller rooms would make it more likely that they will talk less and settle earlier (but they usually don’t).  Your kitchen is so well equipped it’s fun to do the cooking chores and the cooks appreciate their special accommodation.  We usually eat in the courtyard if the weather is suitable, it’s such a nice place and a great suntrap too.

Because we are an orchestra, we don’t use the bush walks or the confidence course, but players are free to use all the facilities during rest periods, and they make really good use of it all, especially the playing field.  Memorably we had a short power cut one year, and so we played an impromptu – and very unorthodox – rugby game by the light of some car headlamps and mobile phones.  The players didn’t even notice when the power came back on, they were having such fun.

As an orchestra we split into sectionals for part of the camp.  The leaders lounge is very useful for this – in fact the only criticism we have is that a second break-out room of perhaps slightly larger size, would be an advantage to us.  So when you re-build….!

Houghtons Bush is a really great site and works well as a camp.  We enjoy our annual visits and hope to continue for many years to come.

Martin Beadle, The Aotea Youth Symphony

Our stay at Houghton's Bush Camp was fantastic! We held a family reunion with over 60 family members from both here and overseas and everyone, young and old, had a wonderful time!

The camp ground was immaculately presented, the bunk beds were sufficient for a good night's sleep and the kitchen was well appointed with everything we needed to store and make food for our entire camp. We were pleasantly surprised by the contents of the sports shed which had many sports balls, hula hoops, tug of war ropes, tags, cones - everything we needed for hours of family gaming fun! Marcel, the onsite custodian, was friendly and approachable. He checked in daily to make sure everything was going well and any concerns that we raised were dealt with promptly.

We'd like to thank everyone at Houghton's Bush Camp who made everything from booking to completion of the camp stress free. We would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking for a great place to host their next camp. Elena Lemi, Family Reunion

As the cook at our recent week-long Year 7/8 outdoor education camp, I found your kitchen facilities fantastic. Everything I needed was there, except a foot spa!!! Looking forward to our next camp at Houghtons.

Vicki Hitchcock, Deputy Principal, West Harbour School

We always love camping at Houghton’s!  I have been doing kids camps there since I was 15 and last year ran my own camp for youth for our church.  It was FANTASTIC!!  The field is huge and wonderfully maintained and is right next door to all the cabins and hall (so no long walks to play one quick game before lunch finishes cooking and no balls rolling down the hill because it is all flat).  The hall is fantastically big and its nice and cool with all the windows open in summer.  There are heaps of things to do at the campsite and around the area for kids, youth and adults (even when it’s a bit wet).  Thanks for all the work you put into making the camp site great!  We will definitely be back again! 

 Jessamy Amm, Northcross Church

We had a fantastic time at Houghton's Bush Camp. The facilities were excellent and the layout of the camp made both parents and our first time campers feel very secure (horseshoe). The bush walk was well worth it - great views and the children loved climbing around the rocks to get up there after visiting the gannets. Our 'Camp Fire' was made from torches due to the fire ban but the set up for this is lovely and cosy - the wooden logs to sit on make it all very authentic.

Helen Martin, Kohia Terrace School

Our Church and another church from west Auckland have, for many years chosen Houghtons Bush Camp as the venue for our Annual Family Camp. This venue suits our group. Its closeness to us, means less travelling time and it allows elderly members of our churches to visit us especially for Sunday morning worship. The Campsite itself is tucked away safely on top of a hill, well away from traffic for the safety of our children. Our people enjoy playing their favourite games of touch and volleyball on the large playing field. The sleeping quarters are roomy and comfortable. The huge hall where we meet during meal times, hold our concert on Saturday nights, Bible studies and worship has a well equipped kitchen which our cook loves. The place has even a laundry with coin operated washing machine and a drier should anyone needs it. Muriwai Beach is within walking distance or if you decide to take your car, it’s only five minutes away. The whole place is very beautiful and is surrounded by bush which has marked bushwalks which people can get out and enjoy. We love this place so much that we have booked it again for our next year’s camp.

Solo Mailata, Te Atatu Union Parish